Fashionable & sporty – How to dress when you play sports?

Can you look fashionable while doing sports? Of course! Today we present a sporty must-have that must be in your wardrobe. We encourage you to read!

New season is coming and you are planning to go back to your sports duties? And although without a doubt the most important is persistence in pursuing the goal and consistency, you can not forget about what helps us to feel good above all. Of course, we are talking about a sporty , comfortable outfit that will allow you to do exercises correctly without feeling uncomfortable


An important principle that should be followed when choosing an outfit for exercise is what sport we practice or intend to start practicing. After all , we will need a different type of clothing for a morning run, a different one for cricket competitions or a bicycle, and yoga and  gym session will be quite different. Although comfort will always be the prime rule,  a cotton kurta shirt and pajama pant will work well for the former, while a t-shirt and close-fitting, fitted, but elastic short will work perfectly for bicycling and  a polyester t-shirt & track pant will works well for cricket along with  shock-absorbing sports shoes. You should also remember to buy really good quality clothes. Only then can we ensure both good mood and presence for a few nice seasons. What to choose to feel sporty-fashionable-comfortable?


Tracks are a typical example of the fact that fashion trends return even after many years. Currently, it is an indispensable element of man’s wadrobe, which can be dressed for everything ( home, tuition class & just for a walk). No wonder that dryfits ives more comfort, have become a total must have for gym outfits.


This is for anyone who loves outdoor sports. A properly fitted t-shirt, light and airy (remeber that it is made of entirely cotton) can work wonders, especially when we are looking for one that will not restrict our movements during exercise.


You often have a problem, what to do with the phone and keys, which – you know – you need to take for training, but you do not quite want to hold them in your hand or worse: do you think running with a backpack? A Sachet will be the right solution. Fastened around the hips will not bother you while playing sports, and at the same time will give a sense of security, carrying all the most necessary things that you should always have with you. In turn, when going to the gym, pack your outfit in a bag made of waterproof, insulating fabric. Freely slung over your shoulder, it will give you a unique, nonchalant character.


Fashion shows that sports style also feels very good in combination with classic wardrobe elements. Streetwear has mastered the combinations of sporty style and nonchalant elegance, which is why on streets you all combinations of styles. Combining styles is currently the most interesting and universal style, thanks to which you can combine seemingly mismatched sweatpants with a loose jacket or white shirt.

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