What should you equip your wardrobe for the 2020? What and what to wear? What trends reign in 2020?. 


Fashion has it that it comes full circle and draws inspiration from history. Hence, jeans should be in every wardrobe. Pants, light jackets, and even headgear. The rule reigns: the more we are, the better. A jacket has been proudly walking alongside denim for some time now, which is increasingly taking the form of slim, skinny, and ankle fits.

Although there is no shortage of fans of hoodies/outwear/jackets, there will certainly be supporters of fashion graphical tees and classical polo shirts. From regular to slim ones, with prints or humorous inscriptions, to those deeply expressing the current state of spirit of the rebellious teenager. The t-shirt as the most universal element of the casual outfit will work every day.


What a school would be, however, were it not for a durable and strong backpack, which will also have a more than fashionable function. It is through him that the person’s style is most often expressed. Fortunately, teenagers no longer have to deal with the problem of younger children. What are we talking about? Of course, about stiffened foam on the back of the backpack, which most often won with the backpack, which simply – just liked. Backpacks, which are great on a daily basis for carrying lighter dimensions, such as sportswear or shoes, are a trend that continues uninterruptedly. When we are packing for the day when we have the most lessons, it is worth reaching for something definitely more stable, in interesting patterns or shapes.

You should ‘OWN’ what you wear, not owned by it. 

The era, culture, technology…
We are always controlled by something.
Those that can “break through” in life are those who create new value from what already exists universally.
We wish that our clothes can let you “express” yourself according to your own special values.

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