Street Fashion: Street Style

Street style or – if you prefer – streetwear has been reigning as the perfect everyday style for a good few seasons. Promoted by celebrities, bloggers, people known from the headlines, it turns out to be a style for everyone. What is street style , where does it come from, what is it about, who is it dedicated to? We answer all these questions below.


Streetwear is certainly not clothes in which the average man will appear in the office. Indeed, the average man will not dress them also at the weekend. Streetwear is not a fashion, but a lifestyle that is not enough that it is rapidly evolving, it is also arousing interest. It’s about clothing, not disguise.

In addition, when it comes to street style , we will not find here large quantities of t-shirts or sweatshirts maintained in the same style. It is in vain to look for copies scattered around the world, because it is a certain uniqueness in streetwears that is at stake. In order not to be for the masses, but for the few, aware of their style.


Street fashion is usually loose, casual clothing that is admired mainly by young people, but also by adults who come from streetwear and draw inspiration from it. Streetwear stylizations may not shock, but they arouse vivid interest due to the total slack they promote. Convenience, comfort, nonchalance – these are the main commandments of this style. Unisex is also part of the main commandments of streetwear – a trend that has actually been promoted thanks to street fashion. So we find here, as well as footwear that can be successfully worn by individuals.

In other words, streetwear is an infinite treasury of possibilities, thanks to which we can combine both originality and popular, latest trends in any way. Thanks to this, each of us can express ourselves, choosing items of clothing according to our own vision – without fear that something will not fit into something. This is another feature that characterizes street style : the ability to match seemingly mismatched elements.


Street fashion successfully promotes men’s t shirt with print or men’s hooded sweatshirts, which are combined with not necessarily narrow pants, but in subdued colors. Yes, in the case of streetwear, black, gray and camo or khaki are the dominant shades that make such clothes universal. Generally speaking: comfortable cuts in muted colors. So how do you stand out here? The fact that among the colors, blind following fashion streetwear is still the same. It is the same nonchalant indifference.


One can argue about whether the best trends always come from America, but in the case of streetwear this is undeniably the case. Street fashion was born in the late 1970s and early 1980s in Los Angeles, when a local surfboard manufacturer wanted to affix his company logotype to shirts. When he realized his idea, the recipients liked his original clothes, thanks to which street fashion came to the masses. Currently streetwear is really hot. Although reserved for a few, it really attracts masses that simply want to stand out from the rest of the world, reach for something other than what the world-famous power cords offer. Will streetwear become a mass brand? Over time, probably yes, but we are sure that you will not renounce your unique being in between.

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